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Collinsville, IL Air duct & Dryer Vent cleaning Service

Xtreme air duct cleaning services the Collinsville, Illinois area with clean dryer vents & HVAC sanitizing performed after a  professional duct cleaning by XTREME technicians, who are trained and have years of experience in residential & commercial heating & cooling ductwork systems.

Our professionals use special tools and equipment to remove dirt, debris, and contaminants from your heating and cooling systems.

Your home or office air ducts are often neglected and left uncleaned, resulting in poor air quality and increased utility costs. If you want to keep your air conditioning & heating unit running efficiently, then make sure that your air ducts are cleaned regularly.

Duct & Vent cleaning 

Duct & vent cleaning service is recommended at least once every five years, however, if you notice dust build up around your air vents, call Xtreme Air Duct Cleaning immediately and we'll send out our Xtreme team right away.

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and they know how to handle any situation that may arise while working on your HVAC system.

Get a professional air duct cleaning service from XTREME of Collinsville, IL, and breathe freely! Our team of experts has been cleaning air ducts for over 15 years. 

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Xtreme cleaned my air ducts. It was so dirty! The best HVAC cleaning company around Collinsville area!

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Odors are smells that we cannot detect with our noses. However, they can still affect us if they linger long enough. Common odors include cigarette smoke, cooking oil, and pet urine.


Type of fungus that grows on damp surfaces. When mold forms on a surface, it can release harmful chemicals that irritate the eyes, nose, throat, lungs, and skin.  That can trigger allergic reactions.

Dust Mites? 

Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that live in bedding, carpets, clothing, furniture, and mattresses.

They thrive in warm environments and feed off of dead skin cells. Dust mites can cause allergies and asthma-like symptoms.

Collinsville Dryer Vent Cleaning 

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Xtreme Air Duct Cleaning takes care of our Collinsville, IL neighbors! How's your IAQ need cleaning of your HVAC System, or need your dryer vents cleaned in St. Clair & Madison Counties of, IL? Reach out to us today!

Dirty Duct?  Breeding Ground for Bacteria!

Get rid of all your allergies from home! XTREME air duct cleaning provides you with a 2-step process to eliminate allergens from your home for good. We use only the latest technology to provide you with professional, thorough, and affordable results.