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Starts with cleaning each vent, including supply and return lines, thin with the trunk lines, furnace area ext. Deepening how your HVAC unit is set up or has been cleaned in the past & how dirty it may be, we use two different types for cleaning your duct vents the Roto Brush Beast or and hyper vac Negative air cleaning system.

Roto Brush Beast 

It's a contact cleaning brush with suction at the end, great for large debris and wall build-up, the brush system is powerful but not damaging to flex or metal ventilation ductwork. 


  • Works great on flex ducts,
  • Cleans inner walls very well due to the brush system, 
  • Can be used in conjunction with the negative air machine


  • Very dirty vents, brush just pushes debris around.
  • Mold, asbestos Negative air should only be used.
  • Can't clean coils with this system.
  • Wires running through ductwork can get tangled with brush.
  • Can not use in small vent.
  • Not very good with residential
  • No Access point to trunk line

Hyper Vac Negative Air

Negative air pressure is the forced air method. This process relies on a vacuum to create negative pressure in your system, sucking out all the contaminants like dust, allergens, and bacteria. compressed air or an auger is used to clean the system.


  • Works great on metal and flex duct
  • Great for Mold Remediation
  •  Remove heavy dirt build-up.
  • Coil Cleaning with air sweep.
  • Wires, small ducts or vents, No problem!
  • Picks up more dirt, bigger debris.
  • Easy with long or curved flex line over.


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Air Duct Cleaning Service - Near Me - XTREME

On the hunt for a "skilled" air duct cleaning company, near me! Helping respiratory suffers with relief in metro east area region of O'Fallon, IL to clean your HVAC system from dust, mold & pollen.

Having your homes heating & cooling system air ducts cleaned will be a breeze with Xtreme Air Duct Cleaning services, we have exact appointment times to fit your schedule with very reasonable rates, reliability and satisfaction guaranteed.

services all across the Madison or St. Clair Counties, of Illinois and across the Missouri river going into St. Louis, MO.

Hyper Vac Negative Air

Roto Beast Contact Cleaning

Why Should We Clean Your ventilation system?

Searched Duct Cleaning Near Me, Found XTREME - On-Time - Professional - Air Quality Improved

I was searching for a duct cleaning company near me to service my O'Fallon, IL home, and I found XTREME Air Duct Cleaning. They were on time and professional. We had a lot of work done in our house over the past several years that involved sanding drywall, this created a lot of white powdery dust that collected in my heating & cooling system. I was having nasal congestion and coughing in the morning. Air quality & my breathing have improved dramatically. I highly recommend their services.