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What's In Your Bethalto, Illinois Home Air Ducts?

Your homes ductwork could be a breeding nest & hiding place for dirt, fungi and pet hair and are most likely to be the cause to allergy sufferers. House dust contains many different particles, including pollen, bacteria, and fungi. Pollen is the only particle that causes seasonal allergies.

From Splash Pad to A to Z Pediatrics, LLCXtreme Air Duct Cleaning takes care of our Bethalto, IL neighbors! How's your air quality, need a cleaning of your HVAC System, or need your dryer vents cleaned in Madison County, IL. Reach out to us today!

Air Duct Cleaning Service Bethalto, IL

Professional HVAC Cleansing will be needed by XTREME Air Duct Cleaning to refreshen and clean the air vents along with the heating & cooling unit in your Bethalto, IL home. Dirt, pet hair, drywall and fine dust can grow bacteria, mold, mildew or fungi very quickly with condensation💦 build up in the ductwork.

Airborne particles will constantly run through your filter and furnace. How much, depends on the furnace air filter merv rating.

Duct cleaning is a fundamental stage to stop contaminations, allergens, and poisons in the air we inhale inside from💨recirculating the air we breathe. This is where the typical American spends in excess of 90% of their time.

Bethalto Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Service 

Why? Duct Cleaning Services

Ducts are often neglected until they become dirty with dust & debris or have a bad odor coming from your supply vents. When this happens, the air flow becomes restricted or musty or sour smell.

Why? Dryer vent Maintenance 


Dryer vent maintenance is needed for 🔥fire safety , but also appliance longevity, let’s not forget energy consumption, waste of nature resources even if gas or electric dryer.

Why? Sanitizing Air Duct System 


Sanitizing your HVAC system after cleaning your ductwork will help remove any mold or mildew hiding inside your heating & cooling unit that can recirculate in your HVAC system. 

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Duct & Vent Cleaning Service Bethalto, ILLINOIS

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"Cleaned air ducts, was very competitive in price, went with local family business, great experience."

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"Thanks'  for Xtreme! Dryer vent was clogged, was cleaned out, dryer duct venting is free of debris now!."

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