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Air Duct Cleaning Services BELLEVILLE, IL 

Air Duct Cleaning Belleville, illinois

XTREME Air Duct Cleaning services the Belleville, IL area. Our comprehensive skills, knowledge & technique cleaning heating & cooling ductwork, makes us the right duct cleaning company to remove dust, dirt and contaminants from your air ducts, dryer vents or HVAC system.

Our main focus is cleaning and renovation of air ducts & HVAC systems. If you require a cleaner or healthier home or business in Belleville, Illinois.

Air Duct Cleaning Service 

  • Inspect Ductwork
  • Clean HVAC System
  • Sanitize 

Dryer vent cleaning Service

  • Inspect Duct Vent
  • Clean Dryer Vent
  • Repair

Our experienced technicians are always polite, professional and detailed. At XTREME our services is the best around the Belleville Illinois area for residential & commercial duct cleaning & restoration to your HVAC system. 

Regular cleaning of your HVAC system and maintenance can help allergy suffers/respiratory or auto-immune disorders with there respiratory tract and airways, can reduce the occurrence of allergens, mold and other irritants (including animal waste) Contact Xtreme Duct Cleaning experts for a FREE quote!

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What's In Your Belleville, Illinois Homes Air Ducts?

Can your Belleville Illinois homes air duct be a breeding ground & hiding place for dust, dirt, mold or pet hair.

The HVAC system in your home or business provides a very important function, the circulation of air in and out of each room, which allows for constant comfort inside and fresh air in all circumstances. And our experts have over 15 years of experience in HVAC sanitation, complete thousands of jobs!

From Weingarten East, IL-15, 62221 to the Mid-Century Museum of Modern Architecture, on W Main St, 62223. Xtreme Air Duct Cleaning takes care of our neighbors in Belleville Illinois in St. Clair County, IL metro east area! If you need help with IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) or need your ductwork or venting professionally cleaned and/or dryer duct vents in Belleville, contact us for scheduled service today!

 Belleville Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Service 

Belleville? Air Duct  Services

Air duct cleaning helps your home stay cleaner, fresher with better air quality, not cleaning your ductwork can cause a variety of health problems in your Belleville home.

Belleville? Dryer vent  Services


Dryer vent cleaning is vital to energy consumption, fire safety and air quality control. Dryers get clogged very easy; this is not worth the risk of a fire.

Belleville? Ductwork Sanitizing 

 Sanitizing your HVAC air ducts after cleaning is a good idea, kills Microorganism that we can’t see in your heating and cooling system

Dana W.

" Respectful, professional and very efficient in their HVAC cleaning work.."

Belleville, IL

Conner J.

"Impressive company they cleaned our air ducts in our home, very easy to schedule!."

Belleville, IL

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